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Gali chair

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Gali chair

A sparkling, versatile chair, perfect for offices with a modern design, but also for home office solutions. Gali, the new Gollinucci model with infinite versions, is a winning mix of simplicity, design and versatility that fully satisfies the needs of contemporary office.


This upholstered armchair combines comfort, contemporary style and ergonomic features to create a seating experience that enhances well-being. Its fixed armrests provide stable and comfortable support for your arms and shoulders, reducing strain and promoting proper posture.


Gali chair is the perfect addition to any space, whether it’s your office, living room, study area or meeting rooms. Whether you’re working, reading, or simply relaxing, this versatile chair accommodates your activities with comfort and style.

Stylish design

Gali’s sleek and modern design instantly catches the eye, making it a stylish addition to any space. The upholstery, available in a range of high-quality fabrics or luxurious leather, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.The armrests are expertly designed to seamlessly blend with the chair’s overall silhouette, enhancing its visual appeal.




Giovanni Ingignoli lives and works in Novara Italy, where he was born in 1972. He graduated in Architecture (1998/99) at the Polytechnic of Milan, specializing in Industrial Design. He began working at the Architecture Studio of Roberto Angelini in Novara, before moving to Studio Roccio in Milan where he worked on the renovation project of Autogrill.
In 2000 he began a collaboration with “Atelier Bellini” by Mario and Claudio Bellini, a dynamic and innovative studio dedicated mainly to industrial design, and began working with leading companies worldwide.
In 2005 he was appointed Design Director at Claudio Bellini design + design and in 2014 he became a partner. The Bellini studio is recognized as one of the most influential studios in Europe in terms of product design and architecture, working with the largest international companies. Many products receive international awards such as Red Dot, Iff and Good design award.
Experience and professionalism lead Giovanni Ingignoli to become a professor at the University of Genoa for three years after which began a close collaboration as a professor at the ACME University of Novara.In 2018 began his freelance profession opening his own practice dedicated not only a design studio, but a place to experimentation and product prototyping.